Known bugs/issues

One game-breaking bug is that if you disable SFX through the checkbox in the settings menu, you need to skip the drumroll with the "skip" button or the game will hang up. If the SFX are bugging you, you can drag the slider down instead to mute them. Will try to remember to fix after the jam!

The HTML5 browser version doesn't run on mobile. I've added an Android APK that works on the one device I tested on. But no support for HTML5 web app on mobile.

I've gotten crashes in Firefox on some machines and it does not appear to run in Safari (but will run in other browsers on Mac).  If you're getting an error or performance issues running the embedded version, consider switching browsers or, if you're on windows, downloading the .exe.

I've had minor performance issues when in full screen mode on HTML5. I couldn't reproduce these issues with the windows export, so again consider using that if you're coming up against issues in browser (like stuttering sounds and framerate drops, framerate should chill around 60fps and you can see that in the corner).

It's a Jam Entry

The reason it's less optimized than I'd like is because it was made from scratch in ~2 weeks. This game was an entry into the BigMode Jam 2023. I had to use some free assets (credits below) because developing a solo game for a jam with a full time job and what approximates a social life is a lot... Thanks to the hosts for making it a reasonable length for a casual jam!

The theme of the jam was "mode." Because I love delicious, delicious low-hanging fruit, I opted to focus on the statistical mode, or the value that occurs the most often in a distribution. Thus, I made a little game about counting the most of a thing.

How do I play?

The goal is to click on the button representing the object that occurs most frequently (the mode, get it? nice) in the green box. That's all! You score points for your time remaining, and that score is multiplied by the difficulty of the game. If it's too easy, try Extra Spicy mode! You can select a difficulty from the title screen. But yeah, otherwise it's an endless loop with 5 total sets of objects (so if you get some repeats on your first playthrough, that's how the computer dice rolls).

Desktop/Browser: Move the box around with WASD/Arrows and shake it up with spacebar if you're having trouble visualizing the mode in the current layout.

Android: Tilt phone to tilt box. Shake phone to shake it up. Note: on some devices the orientation your phone is in when the app starts is the orientation it will read as the default for tilting, so start it up in a comfy position, apparently :D

Also tutorials take time and it's a jam, so I slapped a quick "how to play" button on the main screen and otherwise will rely on the player to learn the game by failing a handful of times. Playtesters have picked it up quickly, so I I hope you do too!


The concept piggybacks off a concept from my development partner, Aaron, from ArteMoose Games.

Big thanks to Asset Jesus, Kenney, for most of the 3D models (several of which I lightly modified to fit my use case, in case they don't look up to par with his usual quality) and that sweet Godot splash screen. All non-Kenney models and UI elements were made by me in Blender and Inkscape. Those Stock Blender Shapes were really high skillcap, pretty proud of those...

Music is Ludum Dare 38 - Track 1 by Abstraction Music (homepage:, bandcamp:

Sound effects were mixed from Kenney, (all cc0), or my house (also kinda cc0, I guess). All processed in Audacity

Background shader is very lightly modified Anime Water Surface Shader by @arlez80 from (MIT license)

Font is LuckiestGuy from Google Fonts under OFL

Game made with love in Godot 3.5.3

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags3D, Godot, Math


Download 17 MB
CountedOut_BigMode_2023_Android.apk 27 MB

Install instructions

For Windows exe: Unzip the compressed directory and run the .exe with the .pck file in the same directory.

For Android apk: Download and tell your phone that the app is safe, then run it.


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Okay I’m shockingly bad at counting but this game is actually very polished and scoped well!

One of my favorite things about making games like this is I am super bad at winning my own games lol. But thanks for playing, I appreciate the nod to the scope of the project!