You're finally ready for a vacation. You've made it to the airport. You're through security. Your flight leaves in 7 minutes, but that's plenty of time! Time to mindlessly scroll social media while you wait.

As you begin to scroll your Croaker app, you come across a horrifying sight. It's your ex! They are waiting for a flight out of the same airport :( Lucky for you, they tend to overshare on social media, so you're pretty sure you can avoid them... So long as your phone's battery stays alive, that is...

EXit Row is a light-hearted horror-style game made for the GoGodot Game Jam (Theme: Energy Source).



The objective is to be in your terminal, bag in hand, when your flight takes off. You want to be ready for takeoff without running into your ex. You cross paths and they physically bump into you, you'll be pulled into a very awkward exchange, ending the game.

To win, be in the terminal marked on your ticket at the time your ticket specifies (7 minutes after the start time).

For more details, check out the Tutorial!


Helpful tips:

You can use your Croaker app (the frog app in the top right of your phone) to get rough position updates from your previous partner, but be careful! There's a lot of junk on there, and those old phone batteries drain quickly...

Only two of your apps open at the moment, Croaker and your Airport app. Having them open drains your battery quickly, so use them wisely! If your phone goes black, it is dead and you have to charge it to access the information again. You can always use the apps on the charger if you need a bit more time!

You can ditch your bag to run from your ex faster if they find you. Just make sure you remember where you left it! You can't leave without it.

You can check your departure time and gate with the airport app. Use the terminal map in the center of the airport and the little gate signs to make sure you know where you need to end up!


KNOWN BUGS (Which will likely remain unfixed):

Currently, the player might sometimes overstep their bag without picking it up.

Also, under some circumstances if the player drops their bag too close to a wall, it will clip through the wall and become un-pick-upable. At that point you cannot win and should restart from the pause menu. Apologies for the time wasted!

Also the Ex is a little buggy, but this was for a game jam and I've only polished it a bit since.


GAME LENGTH: 7 minutes to win, fewer if you're too slow.

Controls can be set in-game



All assets (artwork and music) were generated for the GoGodot Jam.

Music by Dylan Lounsberry (

Airport photos by Tina Wiley

Everything else ("art," coding, story, design, etc.) by Zach Lounsberry (@YouCarryOats on Twitter)

Assets generated in Aseprite with some support from GIMP and TileSetter

Sounds are Creative Commons 0 wav's from

Color palettes from

Huge thanks to HeartBeast, Lucy Lavend, and the amazing Godot community whose tutorials made this possible.

Additional hugest of thanks to the Godot devs and community for an amazing open source tool to make game design possible for noobs!

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