Welcome to PerfEggtion! A very simple game about making the most perfect omelette for the folks at your campsite.


To move the frying pan around, click on the screen with mouse/touchscreen.

Click the plus signs on the main scene UI to drop a slice of ingredient. Catch it with the pan and it'll break into bits to cook up.


1. Add bits of food to the frying pan using the plus buttons next to ingredient bars and move the pan over the campfire to cook them.    

2. By default, campers want about 10 bits of egg and 3 of other ingredients. If they ask for more, that's specified on the left hand side of the main screen UI. "Extra" means they want double.

3. Cook each ingredient  to within the white brackets on the temperature bar. A white temperature bar means that ingrient is  undercooked, blue is perfect,  and red is burned. No brackets on the bar means not to add it!

4. Careful, chef! Different foods cook at different rates.    

5. When you're done, click "Serve" to score.

Try to make the perfect omelette and score a 100!


Some assets and all design and development by me (Zach L - YouCarryOats).

Music, knife sounds, backgrounds, fonts by Kenney (https://kenney.nl/assets)

Sizzling sound (CC0): https://freesound.org/people/xUMR/sounds/478655/

Start Screen photo by Tina Wiley

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