Upload for Go Godot Game Jam 3... Submitted with 40 minutes to spare!

Platformer where you get to collect some yummy foods growing in and around your local city. Best played with a controller, I think, but should have sufficient support for mouse/keyboard. No mobile as of jam time, I forgot!

Major goal here was to work on an asset generation workflow. As such all art and almost all code (some minor exceptions like menu screens and an autorunner function or three) generated for the jam during the time period. See in-game credits section for the whole list of tools, but here are some links to what I used:

## Credit

Importantly, 'coz I missed in the credits within the game itself, I used https://www.mixamo.com/ to rig my blender meshes. The Running and Jumping animations came from that, though it's not clear how best to cite the animations themselves outside of the site :| Any clarification in the comments would be great

https://www.blender.org/ for character, forage, and background design (all for the jam). Useful add-ons were Node Wrangler, MB-Lab, and Sapling Generator

https://lospec.com/palette-list/afr-32 for most of the non-textured colors

https://godotengine.org/ It's the Godot jam, so naturally this is the engine

https://polyhaven.com/  for textures (see in-game credit for ID's, will try to remember to add here as well)

https://ffmpeg.org/ for converting .wav to .ogg format audio

And for non-free utilities:

https://www.aseprite.org/ for pixel art cleanup

https://pixelover.io/ the Godot(!!) utility I used for converting Blender scenes into pixel art

All audio generated for the jam by Dylan L: https://dlounsberry.bandcamp.com/

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